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About beloved

A group of passionate women, with a deep love for God and desire to become and help you become who God has created you to be!

Cindy Grasso

Communicator and author with an unwavering passion to help others understand their most valuable untapped resource–the word of God.

Currently serves as the Women’s and Connect Pastor at Cape Christian, where she leads The Beloved Movement, Growth Track and the First Impressions Team.

Cindy whole-heartedly believe that God has a plan for every person that involves growth and living loved. As a blogger for more than 10-years, she has reached thousands of faithful followers throughout the United States and beyond. Originally from Los Angeles, California, she and her husband Bobby are the proud parents of Justin and Kyle. She is an expert at saying yes to adventure, leading teams, and living a loved life.

The very best way to contact her is at

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